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March 24th, 2014

Some couples choose to stay together as a couple because they fear they are “ruining” their children’s lives by separating.

Certainly Portland, Oregon divorce attorneys see that even well-adjusted children can respond with confusion, fear and guilt during a divorce. This normally occurs within the first two years after their parents separate.

Children who had behavior or emotional problems before divorce are more likely to experience them after.

Your children are resilient. Take a few steps to help them through the changes brought on by a divorce.

Your children are resilient. Take a few steps to help them through the changes brought on by a divorce.

The good news is that children are resilient. There are several things which can help children and improve this resilience.

Consider the following:

  •  The less conflict between parents during the marriage and after the divorce, the less the child suffers.
  • Parents should both remain involved with the children.
  • Parents should manage their own stress without placing it on the children.
  • No child should ever be expected to side with one parent over the other.

In the next two blogs, we will give suggestions on how to help your child be resilient as your family faces divorce.

Below are some recommendations; watch our next two blogs for details on how to implement these guidelines.

  • Prepare your children for separation.
  • Work with your children to facilitate a healthy adjustment to the change in the home.
  • The child’s best interest is the basis for all decisions—custody, visitation and child support.
  • Be willing to get help from friends, family or even professionals.

Portland, Oregon divorce lawyer Ronald Johnston has spent nearly four decades devoted to helping families reshape their lives. You can trust him to help you make those decisions that will be the most beneficial now and in twenty years.

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