Divorce Attorney Portland Oregon – Do You Need Help Modifying Your Spousal Support?

May 21st, 2014

Although your divorce might already be settled, that doesn’t mean that new issues related to your divorce can’t arise down the road, including issues in regards to spousal support. When a divorce settlement is agreed upon, and spousal support is part of the settlement, one spouse will have to pay a specific amount of support to the other. However, circumstances can change, which means the amount of support can change as well.

First, you should know that spousal support is not designed to be a punishment to the paying spouse. It is simply to help ensure that the spouse who previously depended on the other spouse for income is still taken care of financially. Although spousal support is designed to keep both parties afloat financially, sometimes life’s circumstances can necessitate a change in the amount of support one pays.

If you have experienced a change in your economic situation, then you might want to meet with a divorce attorney in Portland Oregon who can help you determine if a spousal support modification is right for you.

At Ronald Johnston Family Law we can help you with spousal support modification. Just call us at 503-226-7986 for assistance. You can also click here to learn more about the details of spousal support modification.

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