Divorce Attorneys Portland OR – Ten Ways to Improve Your Marriage

June 18th, 2014

At Ronald Johnston Family Law we obviously deal with divorce and all the issues that go along with it on a daily basis. However, we know that divorce is difficult and that for many people the results of divorce can be very hard to overcome. Although we are divorce attorneys in Portland OR, and handle divorce cases every day, we also encourage people to consider the ways that they can work on their marriage in hopes of avoiding divorce.

The following are a few tips to remember that can help couples get along better and strengthen their marriage.

  • Talk – it seems simple, but if you take the time to talk to each other and communicate openly and honestly, your marriage will usually go more smoothly.
  • Listen – just like talking with one another, taking the time to listen to each other is just as important. Listening more means you will almost surely argue less.
  • Keep dating – even though you’re already married, you still need to keep courting one another. Making sure you still have the time to have fun and go on dates is very helpful to any marriage.
  • Forgiveness – no one is perfect, which means you do have to say you’re sorry sometimes, and you will have to forgive your spouse when he or she makes a mistake.

There are many other important tips to keep in mind if you want to have a happier marriage. It takes time and it takes work, but having a successful marriage is worth the trouble. However, if you are at a point in your marriage where divorce is the best option, then contact the divorce attorneys in Portland OR of Ronald Johnston Family Law.

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