Divorce Attorneys Portland OR – “View” Co-Host Shepherd Plans to Fight for Custody of Unborn Child in Divorce

May 26th, 2014

Recently we discussed child custody battles, which most people are aware, can be very difficult to go through. When a couple with children decides to split up and go their separate ways they will have to determine both the custody and visitation of those children.

However, sometimes things are not just black and white when it comes to child custody issues. For example, what happens when a couple splits up while they are expecting an unborn child?

Sherri Shepherd, one of the co-hosts of ABC’s “The View,” has recently filed for divorce form her husband of three years. According to reports, Ms. Shepherd’s estranged husband, Lamar Sally has also filed for divorce and has asked for primary custody of the couple’s unborn child, which they are having via a surrogate.

However, according to court documents, Ms. Shepherd has asked in her petition that the couple’s prenuptial agreement be fully enforced. That document reportedly includes an agreement by Mr. Sally to give full custody of the child to Ms. Shepherd. Mr. Sally is asking that the agreement be thrown out on the basis of “fraud.”

This situation is just one example of how a divorce and custody battle can get very heated. If you are involved in any kind of child custody issue or a divorce, then you should contact the experienced divorce attorneys in Portland OR at Ronald Johnston Family Law by clicking here.

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