Divorce Attorneys Portland Oregon – Getting the Spousal Support You Deserve

May 16th, 2014

When a couple decides to end their marriage there are many issues that will have to be resolved. One of the most common aspects of divorce is spousal support, also known as alimony. There are many different sides to spousal support and even though a judge might make a ruling for one spouse to pay support to the other, that does not mean that spouse will always abide by the ruling. So what can you do if your spouse is not paying court-ordered spousal support?

Although in some cases it can be very difficult to collect on spousal support, there are legal measures you can take to get your spouse to comply. One of the best moves you can make in this kind of situation is to contact an experienced family law attorney, like the divorce attorneys in Portland Oregon at Ronald Johnston Family Law.

If you’re not getting spousal support to which you are entitled then we can help. One option is to take your spouse to a civil contempt court where you will show that your spouse is not complying with his or her court mandate. If the court agrees with you then the civil court may take additional measures to see that you receive the proper payment. Another option is wage garnishment, whereby funds are directly taken from your spouse’s paycheck.

If you are not receiving the spousal support to which you are entitled then contact Ronald Johnston Family today at 503-226-7986. Contact us. We can help.

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