Divorce can Lead to a Change in Rules

April 1st, 2015

Before the divorce, it is likely that there were rules that were enforced in the household by both parents. These rules were set and followed, while parents worked together to make sure that the home functioned in a certain manner. Once a divorce occurs, this can cause a shift in behavior and structure.

Now there will be two separate households with rules to follow at each. This can lead to some problems with effective parenting and children not really knowing their limits. Consistency is a very important aspect to discipline, which is incredibly difficult when the parents are living in separate locations.

To make sure this consistency continues, it is important to ensure that both households offer a secure environment for the children.   When setting new rules it is important to involve the children in the process, along with working together to be effective co-parents.

The next series of blogs will discuss the variety of ways parents can work together to create a set of rules and discipline methods that are agreeable for co-parents and effective for the children.

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