Divorce Does Not Make You a Failure

April 21st, 2014

When a couple in Portland Oregon, or anywhere else, goes through a divorce, they will no doubt be in for some life-altering changes. The ride can truly be a roller coaster of emotions and circumstances. Typically when someone goes through divorce there is no shortage of close friends or loved ones who have helpful advice. But not all advice is really that helpful.

However, there are some words of advice from people who have gone through divorce, which really can help you if your marriage is ending. They include:

• Remember to act your age and be an adult about everything in divorce. Don’t act childish; it only makes things worse.
• Don’t base your important decisions on another person’s divorce. Your divorce is unique to you, so focus on your own issues and not what others have done.
• Remember to love yourself and do not beat yourself up. You are not a failure, even if your marriage failed.
• Give yourself a grace period of several months before you make any major decisions.
• Let go of the anger and hatred. Holding onto hard feelings towards your spouse will accomplish nothing and can actually hurt you for months and years to come.

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