Divorce Lawyer in Portland Discusses Most Cited Reason for Divorce

October 15th, 2014

In our last blog post we focused on a study published by the Austin Institute titled Divorce in America: Who Wants Out and Why?

The study showed that women are more likely than men to want out of their marriage.

Today, we are going to report the study’s findings on the top reasons why people actually chose to end it.

Infidelity was the most cited reason for divorce in the study.  This included both the participants’ own infidelity, as well as their spouse’s.

The top seven reasons were:

  • Infidelity by either party (37%)
  • Spouse unresponsive to your needs (32%)
  • Grew tired of making a poor match work (30%)
  • Spouse’s immaturity (30%)
  • Emotional abuse (29%)
  • Financial priorities/spending patterns (24%)
  • Alcohol and drug abuse (23%)

Other reasons included wanting to pursue a different life, revelations from the spouse’s past, married too young, spouse’s career came before family, physical abuse, pornography, abandonment, problems with the spouse’s family, among others.

Women reported emotional abuse, physical abuse, and alcohol or drug problems at a much higher rate than men.  Men reported spouse’s infidelity, married too young, and tired of making a poor match work at a higher rate than women.

For a more detailed breakdown of this study you can visit the summary on Huffington Post.

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