Divorce Lawyer in Portland Oregon- Powerful Mission Statements

October 10th, 2014

Ronald Johnston is one of today’s most experienced Portland family law attorneys.  He has spent nearly 40 years practicing, and during that time has developed a few powerful statements that explain his mission.

I meet good people at a bad time in their lives, and help them forge a new financial and emotional base for carrying on the rest of their lives.

This shows that Johnston’s commitment is both to the financial and emotional health of all the people he helps.

I represent my clients to the best of my ability, and get my clients the best result that the law allows.

Because Johnston has practiced for so long, he truly understands the scope of laws regarding families and couples, and so is well-equipped in getting the best results that the law truly allows.

I counsel clients about how to make wise choices about their emotional and financial future, and then use the court system to help implement these choices.

The court system, when used properly, can provide protection and stability for families in transition or turmoil.  Johnston knows how to use the court system to help achieve that emotional and financial protection and stability.

Read more about Portland Oregon divorce lawyer Ronald Johnston, his education, and experience by clicking here.

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