Divorce Lawyers in Portland Oregon – We Help You in Child Custody Battles

May 12th, 2014

A child custody battle can be one of the most difficult situations a parent will ever experience. It’s bad enough that your marriage has come to an end, now add on the pain and anguish of having to battle for the right to either keep or visit your child. Although most parents in this situation would agree that their child’s best interest is very important, they can’t always agree on what that is.

Child custody is not just about where a child will live, or with whom. Having legal custody rights means you will also have the power to make important decisions in your child’s life, like where he or she will go to school or church, as well as making important medical decisions. Having custody means you will no doubt play a big role in your child’s life.

Meantime, for the non-custodial parent, losing those rights can be very painful. Not only does that parent not get to see his or her child as much, but also he or she most likely will not play as big a role in the child’s life.

There are several factors that a judge must consider when making child custody decisions, which include:

  • The emotional ties the child has with each parent
  • Any abuse by either parent
  • Both parent’s willingness to allow the other parent to remain part of the child’s life
  • Each parent’s attitude toward the child

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