Divorce Timeline: What to Expect During a Dissolution of Marriage – Part 3

July 28th, 2017

Ronald Johnston is a venerated divorce attorney practicing in Hillsboro Oregon. In this article, he concludes his three-part series on what to expect during a dissolution of marriage. What follows is a brief timeline of a typical divorce.

Within thirty days of filing, or before a pendent lite hearing takes place, certain documents are required to be automatically disclosed. This is called mandatory disclosure. Portland Oregon divorce attorney

Additional discovery can be requested at any time after filing. Usually, this additional discovery takes the form of documents and depositions. Discovery needs to be completed before a settlement or before a trial.

If the parties can’t negotiate a settlement on all their issues, they must go to trial. A trial can last an hour or several days.

When a trial judge rules in the courtroom, at the conclusion of a case, it’s called a bench ruling. If the court takes “the case under advisement,” to review evidence, a letter detailing its ruling will be sent to both parties’ attorneys.

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For a detailed explanation of what happens during a divorce, contact Ronald Johnston. He’s a respected and experienced divorce attorney in Hillsboro OR.

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