Don’t Compare Your Divorce to Celebrity Divorces, says Portland Oregon Divorce Lawyer

May 7th, 2016

You may have heard the phrase “Conscious Uncoupling” that actress Gwyneth Paltrow used when describing her amicable and seemingly pain-free divorce from rocker Chris Martin in 2014.

You may be tempted to compare your own divorce to hers or other “perfect celebrity divorces” but to do so would be unfair to yourself and will hinder your healing.

Here are four reasons why you just can’t compare your divorce to a celebrity divorce:

  1. Celebrity Divorce Jennifer Garner and Ben AffleckCelebrities have significant financial means- Most Americans will feel the financial burden that divorce brings- legal fees, securing a new home, and maintaining a household as a single head of household. Celebrities simply do not need to worry about money.
  2. Celebrities usually have pre-nuptial agreements- They typically have pre-nuptial agreements that spell out the terms of a divorce. They already have half the work of divorce done for them prior to filing!
  3. Celebrities have PR people- Most celebrities have a finely-honed public relations plan for releasing information about their divorce. Their divorce may be just as ugly or complicated as yours, but you’d never know it!
  4. Celebrities have an agenda- Gwyneth’s divorce was used as an opportunity to make money while selling the public bad advice about divorce. No doubt she made quite a bit of money branding, packaging, and selling her divorce as the “right way” to split.

Your divorce experience is as unique as you are. In order to begin the healing process, let go of any notion that you should be feeling or doing anything other than what is best for you and your family.

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