Evaluating New Rules

April 15th, 2015

Not every rule that was in place prior to the divorce will go as planned in terms of effectiveness. This is where divorce can present challenges in families coping with the separation and all of the changes occurring in the household. Some rules can stay the same, but new rules are necessary in many situations to make sure that children are able to be safe and secure. Determining the reasons behind the change in rules is a good way to start. Children should understand why everything in their life is changing.

Each rule should be evaluated, old and new. There should be an agreement that is reached that will determine which rules are too lenient or strict. Some rules that are made may be completely non-negotiable, such as those that will impact the life of the family or the ones that will keep them safe. For many families these types of rules may include:

~How often friends are allowed over

~How often friends can sleep over

~Rules about curfew and driving privileges

~Internet privileges

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