Explaining A ‘Rule 43’ Request

August 1st, 2017

What is a Rule 43 request? What does it have to do with a divorce in Oregon?

person handing over a fileRonald Johnston is a knowledgeable and capable divorce attorney practicing in Hillsboro OR. He can explain a Rule 43 request as well as other aspects of your divorce.

Discovery is part of all divorces. It’s the process of disclosing information to your future ex-spouse and their lawyer.

Full disclosure of pertinent information, generally assets and liabilities, is crucial to reach a settlement. If both parties go to court, full disclosure is necessary for the court to make a ruling.

In Oregon, one of the most common forms of discovery is a Rule 43 request. A Rule 43 request is when one party requests that the other party turn over any document relating to an issue.

A party may use a Rule 43 request to entreat documents that may eventually lead to evidence. This rule can be used to procure just about any financial document.

It’s a very broad rule, but part of nearly every divorce. Rule 43 is also common in child custody and child support cases involving unmarried parents.

If you’re going through or considering a divorce, contact Ronald Johnston. He’s a well-respected family law attorney practicing in Hillsboro OR.

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