Five Reasons to Retain Ronald Johnston

July 12th, 2017

Retain Ronald Johnston if you live in the Portland Oregon area and you need a divorce attorney. Ronald Johnston is a venerated litigator who has more than four decades of experience practicing family law. 

Here are five reasons to retain Ronald Johnston.

  1. Ronald Johnston gives all his clients his personal attention. Cases are not “handed around” to inexperienced attorneys like some big law firms do.
  2. Each family law case is different and unique. That’s why Ronald Johnston gets to know his clients’ goals. He then uses this knowledge to counsel his clients on how they can make decisions to reach their goals.
  3. Ronald Johnston is an effective, creative, and innovative negotiator. He’s known as a “finder of solutions.”
  4. For most of his clients, the best result is to find a resolution without going to trial. If he does have to go trial, he’s a hard-nosed and effective litigator. He’s renowned for his technical knowledge of family law.
  5. Ronald Johnston prides himself on delivering superior service to his client. He can’t guarantee a judge’s ruling (if your case goes that far), but he does guarantee that he’ll tell you what he thinks and why.

If you live in Portland Oregon, and you need to retain a divorce attorney, contact Ronald Johnston. He provides family law counseling and litigation.

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