Four Consequences of Restraining Orders

September 13th, 2017

Ronald Johnston is a knowledgeable divorce attorney practicing in Hillsboro OR. He fights for the rights of his clients in a variety of family law matters including those who’ve been accused of domestic violence. 

His four decades of litigating family law cases have taught him that intense arguments between spouses, and couples living together, can result in charges of domestic violence.

A charge of domestic violence may lead to an individual having a restraining order brought against them. Restraining orders are very serious. Violating one can result in fines, probation, or jail time.

There are many consequences of being on the wrong end of a restraining order. A restraining order can…

…. cost you custody of your children.

… greatly diminish your parenting time or eliminate it all together.

… remove you from your home.

… force you to pay temporary child and spousal support.

Ronald Johnston recommends that if you’ve been served with a restraining order you don’t contact your accuser. Instead, you seek his legal assistance. Trying to solve the situation on your own may put you at a disadvantage when you try to contest the domestic violence accusations.

If a restraining order has been taken against you, and you believe it’s unwarranted, contact Ronald Johnston. He’s an experienced divorce attorney in Hillsboro OR that can assist you through this difficult time of your life.

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