Frequently Asked Child Custody Questions – Part 2

March 22nd, 2017

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Child CustodyIn this article, we continue answering some of parents’ most frequently asked questions about child custody.

What factors are considered by judges when awarding child custody?

In Oregon, judges consider the following criteria:

  • Emotional bonds between child and family members
  • Parents’ interest in their child
  • Parents’ attitude toward their child
  • Parents’ desire to continue a relationship with their child
  • Abuse between parents
  • The preference for a primary care giver of the child (caretaker must be deemed fit by the court)
  • Each parent’s willingness for their child to have a relationship with the other

Keep in mind, a judge can’t isolate “any one of the relevant factors…to the exclusion of other factors.”

Does it matter what judge is assigned to my child custody case?

Yes. In Oregon, judges base their decision on the legal standard of “best interest of the child.” This standard is open to judicial discretion, argument, and persuasion.

What’s something important I should know about child custody that might surprise me?

Many child custody cases are won or lost long before the parent sees an attorney. Why? They lose custody because of mistakes they’ve made. That’s why it’s so important to contact a lawyer as soon as you expect a child custody issue.

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