Getting a Restraining Order in Oregon

September 25th, 2016

Hopefully, you’ll never need one, but if you have to take a restraining order out on someone in Oregon, whether you’re in Hillsboro or Hermiston, you should contact one of the state’s many qualified family law attorneys.

hand holding wooden gavelOne such lawyer is Ronald Johnston. He believes, like so many others, that no one deserves to live in fear and constant abuse. For those living in a violent domestic situation, a restraining order might help.

A restraining order can do the following:

• Remove the accused from your residence.
• Keep the accused away from you and your children.
• Prevent the accused from communicating with you.
• If you’re married to the accused, a restraining order can allow divorce proceedings to begin.

You might be asking how does a restraining order prevent the accused from coming to your home?

Unfortunately, a restraining order isn’t a force field. It can’t physically stop anyone from doing anything.

Nonetheless, if a restraining order is violated, you should immediately contact police.

A person who violates a restraining order may face fines, probation, or jail. Unfortunately, they are not likely to receive such punitive measures if no restraining order is in place.

If you are in immediate danger, call the police. To contact Ronald Johnston, a trusted family law attorney in Hillsboro, click here.

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