Getting a Second Opinion on Your Divorce

November 9th, 2016

Are you doubting the way your Portland Oregon divorce lawyers are handling your case? Do you think your divorce could be going better?

Mature man toying with gold wedding ring on fingerThere’s nothing wrong with getting a second opinion on how your lawyers are handling your divorce. In fact, Ronald Johnston is frequently consulted by clients questioning their current legal counsel.

Those going through a divorce come to Ronald Johnston because he has nearly 40 years of experience and is at the forefront of divorce, child custody, and family law matters.

If you come to Ronald Johnston for a second opinion, he’ll give his opinion about your lawyer’s handling of your case or if there are other actions they could be taking.

Sometimes, a divorce lawyer will handle a case properly but fails to meet the client’s emotional needs. If this is the case, Ronald Johnston can suggest ways to improve your relationship with your attorney.

In Oregon, you have the right to fire your attorney for any reason. You do, however, have to pay them. While you get to choose who represents you, you may need to take a look at any retainer agreement you have signed.

If you wish to change divorce lawyers, and go with an experienced attorney in Hillsboro Oregon, all you need to do is contact Ronald Johnston.

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