Grandparents Must Establish Visitation Rights

April 10th, 2017

It’s common for grandparents to visit a divorce attorney in Portland Oregon with the high hopes of obtaining visitation rights. Unfortunately, their hopes are quickly dashed when they learn that Oregon law doesn’t give grandparents standing to receive court-ordered visitation.

Grandparents welcoming kidsFor some grandparents, this means they must be nice to the “other parent” or risk not seeing their grandchild until he or she turns 18.

For other grandparents, this means they are seldom, if ever, allowed to see their grandchild.

Children grow up fast. Being cut-off from your grandchildren as they experience one milestone after another can be very difficult.

Grandparents do have one recourse. They can establish visitation rights, called “parenting time” in Oregon, if they were the child’s main caretaker for a period.

If this is your situation, it’s recommended that you contact an attorney with experience in establishing grandparent visitation rights.

One such attorney is Ronald Johnston. He has been practicing family law in Portland Oregon for more than four decades.

Ronald Johnston can meet with you, discuss your situation, and give you an honest assessment of whether you’ll be successful in trying to establish parenting time with your grandchild.

If you’re a grandparent seeking to establish visitation rights, contact Ronald Johnston today. He’s a knowledgeable and experienced divorce attorney practicing in Portland Oregon.

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