Having Trouble Receiving Your Court Ordered Spousal Support? – Part 2

December 28th, 2016

If you’re having trouble receiving your spousal support, it is recommended that you contact a competent divorce attorney working in Portland Oregon. One such attorney is Ronald Johnston. He has been practicing family law for over 40 years.

financial settlementIn part one of this two-part blog series, we looked at what Ronald Johnston can do for you if your ex-spouse refuses to pay spousal support. In this entry, we’re going to look at what he can do if your ex-spouse can’t, or claims he or she can’t, pay spousal support.

Many times, when one tries to enforce spousal support, the delinquent ex-spouse will respond by asking the court for a downward spousal support modification. In other words, they ask the court to lower their spousal support obligation. This is usually because the ex-spouse is making less money than before.

This may lead to the gathering of more evidence, oral depositions, subpoenas, and a trial.  Therefore it is very important to have the strong legal counsel of Ronald Johnston on your side.

Another common response made by ex-spouses who are behind on their spousal support obligations is to file bankruptcy. Yet, bankruptcy will not let your ex-spouse off the hook when it comes to spousal support. They still must pay it and that include during and after bankruptcy proceedings.

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To contact Ronald Johnston, a divorce attorney with 40 years of experience practicing family law in Portland Oregon, click here.

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