Holding Your Tongue

July 1st, 2015

The previous post discussed the importance of holding your tongue and making extra efforts to be kind when you can in a co-parenting situation. The purpose of this post is to encourage ex-spouses to not talk badly about each other, especially around their children.

It may be easy to make remarks about the other parent in moments of frustration and anger, but making these comments within ear-shot of children may have dramatic effects. This meaningless gossip can lead to a lowered self-esteem in children and make them feel like they have to pick sides.

Even if you make an effort to keep the gossip between you and your family or friends, you can still get into trouble.  Gossip is so tempting, especially if your ex possesses some flaws that you may not like or if you feel extremely harmed from the divorce itself. This gossip might make you feel like you are coping or dealing with the divorce, when in fact you may actually be fueling your anger. This may be an unhealthy way to move forward, especially with children involved.

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