How Borderline Personality Disorder Parents Distort Reality – A Portland Divorce Attorney’s Opinion

August 28th, 2015

The last blog post discussed how a parent with Borderline Personality Disorder might cope with their sensed rejection. This blog will further discuss how they may distort reality to make sense of their emotions. For example, if a parent who suffers from BPD experiences a conflict, they will remember it in a certain way in order to protect themselves. Removing themselves from responsibility can create confusion for a child and harm their development. In the mind of a BPD parent, they are doing what is right to avoid spiraling into a feeling of worthlessness.

External facts will be distorted so that they can make sense of the situation and they will stick to this feeling under all circumstances. They will even go as far as to outright lie in order to cope with reality. If they are caught in a lie, they will further confuse their children by convincing them that others were lying. A BPD parent can also be very impulsive, which may lead to inappropriate rage that can be directed at a frightened child.

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