How Dads Can Help Their Teenagers Cope with Divorce – Part 2

August 10th, 2016

In part two of a three part series, our family law attorneys provide tips for parents to help their teenagers cope with their parents’ divorce in Hillsboro OR.young woman on reception at the psychologist

Despite their standing as young adults, teenagers are still children and they still need your love and support. Don’t assume they can handle the gravity of your divorce because they no longer play with toys and cling to your side.

Below, we continue our series on how dads can help their teenage children cope with divorce.

Create a Stable Environment for Your Teenage Child

Kids need structure, and although they would like to think differently, teenagers are still kids. Try doing whatever you can to give your teen stability and a daily routine. That includes meals, homework, activities, and bedtime. Once you make a schedule encourage them to stick to it.

While it will be more difficult, you’ll still need a routine if your custody agreement has you seeing your teenage child only on the weekends.

Also, let them have a say in their schedule. That doesn’t mean they can pick 2:00am as their bedtime, but it does mean they get some input on when they do their homework. Involving them in the process will make them feel empowered.


Your divorce has probably thrown their world into chaos. They might be living in a new home and even attending a new school. On top of that, they’re being shuttled back and forth between parents. As their dad, you can help them settle into their new life by making things as stable and routine as possible.

Don’t Give Your Teenager Too Much Responsibility

With one less adult around there’s a tendency for dads to make their teenage children pick up the slack. While a chore or two is okay, try not to heap too much responsibility on your teenager.

They are becoming adults but they still have some maturing to do. Your divorce shouldn’t rob them of what’s left of their childhood.

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