How Do I Know If My Child Needs Counseling After Our Divorce?

July 6th, 2016

Divorce is hard on everyone. Maybe you’ve gotten the divorced process started, or have been recently divorced. You have recently wrapped your head around the fact that you are no longer married. You have a moment to catch your breath and you begin to notice changes in your kids… and they are not for the good.

Angry Child of Divorce Portland ORWhat changes in behavior should you be worried about? When should you seek professional help for your kids. Portland OR divorce lawyer, Ronald Johnston, has some insight.


Even an amicable divorce is a big change for your kids. Just like you, your kids are trying to adjust to the new normal. That means they will be facing some tough feelings.  They could be extra sensitive, crying easily, or have more angry outbursts than before divorce.

Divorced parents may disagree whether or not their child needs counseling (therapy), so here are some clues that they might need professional help:

  • Your child’s symptoms persist over several weeks
  • Your child’s symptoms interfere with his or her normal functioning
  • Your child’s symptoms interfere with the normal functioning of your family
  • You feel angry, exhausted, or disappointed with your child a lot of the time
  • Trusted others have expressed concern
  • Your child asks to see a therapist (unusual, but not unheard of)

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