How Is Child Custody Determined in Oregon?

October 3rd, 2016

Frequently, the first topic of concern mothers and fathers address with their Portland Oregon divorce attorney is child custody.

child and sunsetChild custody laws are complicated and confusing. To help you understand them, and to help you do what is best for your family, you need an experienced Portland OR divorce attorney.

Family lawyer Ronald Johnston has more than 37 years of experience helping mothers and fathers achieve fair child custody orders. To contact Ronald Johnston, to learn if he can help you, click here.

How is child custody determined in Oregon?

In some Oregon counties, parents are required to enter mediation to solve their child custody disputes to avoid the need to go to trial.

If mediation proves futile, or if parents are living in a county that doesn’t require it and fail to reach an agreement on their own or through their lawyers, then the matter will be decided by the courts.

Judges in Oregon will only award joint custody if both parents agree. If parents can’t agree to joint custody, then the judge, in the best interest of the child, will award sole custody.

Contact Portland Oregon divorce attorney Ronald Johnston to help you by negotiating with the other parent, working for you during mediation, and representing you in court.

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