How is Child Custody Determined in Oregon?

March 27th, 2017

There are many divorce lawyers based in Portland Oregon, but few have the experience of Ronald Johnston. He has been practicing family law for more than 40 years.

mother and baby at homeOne of the questions Ronald Johnston is frequently asked is how is child custody determined in Oregon.

Some counties in Oregon require parents to participate in mediation. The goal of this mediation is to give a chance for parents to settle their custody disputes.

If you’re in a county that doesn’t require a mediation, chances are good that your lawyer, and the other parent’s lawyer, will try to solve your custody dispute through negotiation.

If your child custody issues can’t be solved through mediation or negotiation, you’ll have to go to court. A judge will then award custody based on the best interests of the child.

In Oregon, joint custody can only be awarded if both parents agree.

Ronald Johnston can help you through the mediation process, he can negotiate with the other parent’s lawyer, and he can represent you during a trail. He can also help you modify a current custody order.

If you believe that you’ll need help with a family law matter, don’t call just any of the myriad of divorce lawyers practicing in Portland Oregon. Instead, contact one who has four decades of experience practicing family law. Contact Ronald Johnston today!

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