How Positive Parental Relationships Can Protect Children From the Effects of Divorce – Advice From a Divorce Attorney in Beaverton OR

November 27th, 2015

Cooperative co-parenting is a major factor in protecting your children in the event of separation or divorce. This partnership between parents should include elements of flexibility, adequate communication, and working together to plan schedules and activities to help buffer the children from the sources of distress that may be part of divorce. Some researchers believe that children can thrive in parallel parenting relationships where both parents provide the necessary warmth, nurturing, and appropriate discipline.

In some situations, parents will encounter conflict when co-parenting. Since having low parental conflict is such a major protective factor for children, parents may want to find ways to resolve conflict in a quick and healthy manner. Even better, keeping the conflict away from the eyes and ears of little ones, can further protect them. Furthermore, not engaging them in the warfare is extremely important. The more intense the conflict between co-parents, the greater chance there is for children to experience lasting effects.

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