How the Involvement of a Social Support System May Help a Child of Divorce in Beaverton OR

December 2nd, 2015

Moving forward, it is necessary to realize how important the involvement of a child’s social support system is during divorce. This protective factor can be found in a variety of places, depending on the child’s social situation. This system may include their relationships with their extended family members, friends, teachers, coaches, counselors, or anyone else in their life that may listen to them and provide support. These people can also act as role models, and help ease them into their new life situation. In some cases, supportive step-parents may even offer the child some form of help. This can be helpful as long as they are not contributing to the parental conflict.

A child’s sibling relationships can also provide support in coping with a divorce situation. These relationships are beneficial because no one will fully understand what the child is going through like their brother or sister will. They also will often collectively absorb the consequences resulting from the conflict. Having a partner to navigate the entire situation is an important protective factor it can cause children to blame themselves less for the divorce itself. This is due to the fact that children with siblings tend to have a more realistic view of their parents divorce.

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