How to Avoid Common Mistakes in Child Custody Matters – Part 1

November 14th, 2016

Anyone who has experienced a divorce involving children in Portland Oregon can tell you that child custody matters are very emotional and can get very heated. Since parents often view their children as their most prized possessions, the prospect of losing them can cause parents to act irrationally.

kids in carSometimes when a parent acts without thinking, they make a mistake in their child custody matter which can negatively impact the outcome of their legal case.

In this two-part series, we’ll look at ways to avoid making common mistakes in child custody matters.

See a lawyer as soon as possible and then follow their legal counsel. When exactly should you see a lawyer? Consider seeing one once you start thinking about a legal custody contest, either by a divorce or between unmarried parents.

Don’t move. It may be a good idea to remain in the family home until there’s a firm agreement between you and the other parent on a parenting time plan.

Refuse to abuse. Domestic violence, alcohol abuse, and substance abuse are behaviors you want to seriously avoid. You will likely be feeling very emotional which can sometimes bring on these behaviors, but consider more healthy ways of dealing with your emotions like counseling, exercise, etc.

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