How to Avoid Common Mistakes in Child Custody Matters – Part 2

November 16th, 2016

In part one of this two-part series, Ronald Johnston, an experienced divorce attorney in Beaverton Oregon, began a list on how to avoid common mistakes made in child custody matters.

Three childrenHere are four more ways to prevent common errors in child custody cases.

Avoid making false allegations. It’s recommended that you refrain from making false, or exaggerated, claims that the other party has committed domestic violence, child abuse, child neglect, or substance abuse.

Don’t make threats. Threatening yourself, your ex, or your children is a very bad choice when dealing with child custody issues. Consider getting a counselor you can vent to who can help you present your feelings to others in a non-threatening way.

Keep your anger under control. You don’t want the other side to be able to claim that you have an anger control problem. In other words, focus on keeping your cool.

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