How to Email Your Co-Parent Following Your Divorce in Portland OR

December 14th, 2015

Email is a very common form of communication for co-parents. It is quick, easy, and allows you to discuss things without having to make a phone call. As you send these emails, remember that this is not a neutral form of communication.  This means that sometimes what you write, may not be read the same way you expect it to be. By nature we assume that those who receive our correspondence, will understand what we meant. This can create conflict because we all have our inner voice, and the tone you meant for the email might not be the one they use upon reading it. Exclamation points and CAPITAL LETTERS may come off one way to you, but an entirely different way to your co-parent.   For this reason, remaining positive and careful is important. The next few blog posts will discuss a few steps you can take when having important or unimportant email conversations.

brand new computer with tft monitor in modern classroom at school

brand new computer with tft monitor in modern classroom at school


You never know when your email could be read with a different tone or motive than you had intended. Communication is important following a divorce in Portland OR, click here to discuss your situation with attorney Ronald Johnston.

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