How Unintended Actions May Lead to Self Esteem Issues – Tips from a Hillsboro OR Divorce Lawyer

October 2nd, 2015

The last blog discussed a child’s self-esteem during the divorce process and how they may attribute poor qualities to their own self. This blog will aim to cover some situations where a child may pick up on negativity, even if parents are not meaning for it to happen.

These actions can be as simple as the father saying something negative about the child’s mother or simply rolling his eyes when the mother calls to speak with their child. These small actions may speak loud and clear to the child, making the child believe that there is something wrong with their mother. These unintended actions can damage self-esteem.

When parents go through a divorce or separation they should consider not discussing their negative feelings about the other parent. It may even be beneficial for particular details about the divorce to be kept secret, as a way to protect their child from the drama. Not much good can come from putting a child in the middle of the problems. Not only will this place the child into the middle of the parental conflict creating a stressful loyalty bind, it can significantly harm the child’s self-esteem. If more parents fully understood the damage that can be done when they criticize or openly demean the other parent, they may be able to make the necessary changes.

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