In Oregon, Child Support Can Extend into Adulthood

June 9th, 2017

It can be difficult for divorce attorneys in Hillsboro OR to explain to their clients that child support can extend into adulthood.

Many of these parents need help with enforcement and settlement of such support. With more than four decades of experience, Ronald Johnston can represent you in these types of cases. 

Child support can extend into adulthood if the adult child is enrolled in a college or university, takes a GED course, registers for vocational training, or joins the Job Corps. Oregon is one of the few states to have such a law.

For adult children to continue to receive support, he or she must be between 18 and 20 years old and not married.

Whatever institution of higher education they’re enrolled in, the adult child must be making “satisfactory academic progress” and carry at least half a full course load—both defined by the institution.

Child support will continue to be paid during scheduled breaks. The parent paying the support is entitled to written updates on progress and enrollment.

Ronald Johnson is one of the few divorce attorneys in Hillsboro OR who has been practicing family law for more than four decades. If you have a case involving extending child support into adulthood, contact Ronald Johnston today.

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