In Sickness and in Health?

April 5th, 2015

Traditional marriage vows state “in sickness and in health,” and new research shows that the chance of a marriage ending is higher if the wife gets sick. The statistics in this situation were actually 6% higher than traditional marriage rates. There is no change in divorce statistics though if the husband is the one who falls ill.

There is some speculation as to why this may be, one opinion is that a marriage is rocked when the nurturer is no longer able to fulfill that role. This is not to say that the woman is always the nurturer, just that researchers at Iowa State University believe that this shift in dynamic may affect the stability of a marriage.

Researchers analyzed 2700 marriages over two decades. Within the sample, at least one of the spouses from each marriage was at least age 51 when the study began. Some variables the researchers looked at were to see whether cancer, heart disease, lung disease, and stroke influenced the chance for divorce.

32 percent of the marriages in the study ended in divorce, but the researchers admitted to not knowing which spouse chose divorce. Although there was a slight variation in the type of illness, it did not significantly impact the findings.

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