International Child Custody and Relocation

October 12th, 2016

If you want to move your child out of the United States, or if your ex-spouse is threatening to move your child to another country, you should consider contacting one of the many qualified divorce lawyers in Beaverton Oregon.

If you have a child custody or child support order from Oregon, it will be recognized in other countries as long as those countries are members of The Hague Convention.

There are 81 members of The Hague Convention including Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, and the European Union.

If you have a child custody or support order, and you move out of Oregon, consider registering the order with the appropriate court, which can help enforce the order if the situation arises.

As long as one of the parents, or the child, lives in Oregon, then Oregon will have full jurisdiction over the order.

When it comes to internationally relocating a child, Oregon courts are going to look at what is best for the child.

Determining what is in the best interest of your child will involve facts and evidence. Collecting facts and evidence can be problematic in international cases unless you have a competent lawyer on your side.

Ronald Johnston, a divorce lawyer in Beaverton Oregon, has the necessary expertise to help you with your international child custody case. To contact him, click here.

To learn more about interstate child custody and relocation, click here.

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