Is a Premarital Agreement Right for You?

February 20th, 2017

Ronald Johnston, one of Portland Oregon’s most experienced divorce attorneys, can help you answer the question, “Is a premarital agreement right for me?”

Man and woman shaking handsA premarital agreement, also known as prenuptial agreement or prenup, defines certain rights and responsibilities for both parties before they enter marriage.

If your marriage dissolves, a premarital agreement can help you avoid some of the acrimony that can occur during divorce proceedings.

You might want to consider a premarital agreement if any of the following apply to your situation:

  • You have a lucrative career
  • You have inherited a large sum of money
  • You have children from a previous marriage
  • You have valuable business interests

Here are some things that a premarital agreement cannot do:

  • Determine child custody
  • Determine child or spousal support
  • Determine visitation rights
  • Encourage divorce
  • Define non-financial matters

Premarital agreements take effect upon marriage.  Later, a prenup can be modified or revoked.

Prenuptial agreements may not sound very romantic, but some couples benefit from sitting down and discussing their financial situation.  Their relationship can be strengthened by the discussion and the process aids in building a strong foundation for marriage.

Contact Ronald Johnston, a divorce attorney with 40 years of experience practicing family law in Portland OR, to learn if you’ll benefit from a premarital agreement.

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