Is Divorce Without Fighting Possible?

July 17th, 2017

Many seek divorce attorneys in the Portland OR area when they’re ready to terminate their marriage. Often, those seeking a divorce are angry, frustrated, and hurting. They look to ease their pain by “winning” their divorce.

There’s nothing wrong with that, but a contentious divorce is not for everyone. Some couples know their marriage is over, but want to end it cordially.

Is such a divorce possible? Is a divorce without fighting possible?

A collaborative divorce, also known as a “divorce without fighting” or a “peaceful divorce,” is one where both parties agree to settle matters through negotiation.

Furthermore, experts will investigate and report on important issues like finances and parenting time. That also applies to additional areas of complexity like retirement assets and real estate holdings.

Perhaps the most significant aspect of a collaborative divorce is the importance put on compromising. If either party threatens to go to court, both lawyers will resign.

Not every lawyer can participate in a collaborative divorce. Attorneys must be trained in collaborative divorce techniques. Ronald Johnston has the necessary training to guide clients through the collaborative divorce process in Portland OR.

If you’d like to know more about collaborative divorce, contact Ronald Johnston. He’s one of the most experienced divorce attorneys practicing in the Portland OR area.

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