Keeping a Marriage Healthy Through Honesty

October 31st, 2014

Today is the last post in our week-long series on taking things that I have seen lead to divorce, and applying them as principles that will help strengthen marriages.

So far I have talked about continuing to date each other throughout your marriage, and putting forth effort to show your love through kind and respectful communication.

One of the most important tips I can come up with, though, I saved for today.


Many marriages end because a partner keeps secrets from their spouse.  Some topics spouses keep secrets about are finances, and addictions to things like alcohol, drugs, or sex.

Transparency about these and other issues are difficult because they make you vulnerable, but secrecy can end marriages.

Starting off a relationship with the expectation of clear, transparent communication can keep secrets from ever happening.  Foster this in your own relationship, and it may help keep you from ending your marriage in divorce.

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