Learning from Experience

March 20th, 2015

Divorce is a setback in the life of just about anyone. You may have had a great deal of goals and plans for your life, and a divorce easily disrupts these plans. While the divorce rate remains high, it is important to not repeat the same mistakes in new relationships. There is a reason that your marriage did not work out, and once you get through the anger and sadness, you can begin to look at the underlying reasons why the relationship ended.

It is easy to go back to what is comfortable as you re-enter the dating world. People in nature tend to be predictable, and it is common for the same types of decisions to be made over and over again. You need to get yourself to a place of consciousness to realize which mistakes should not be made again in the future. This self-realization can be achieved through talking to close friends, family, or with a counselor.

Setting rules for yourself can help you. Making a list of qualities that are simply non-negotiable can give you a guideline for the kind of partner you are searching for.

Once you have found someone that you are compatible with, it is important to let go of the past and the pain. Embracing new changes and finding a way to trust again is an important step in moving on.

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