Living in Gratitude

June 8th, 2015

Entering the courtroom for a legal custody battle can lead to fear, anxiety, and panic. To get ready, you may be spending night after night preparing to respond and defend each email, text, and voicemail.  The belief that every communication received deserves a response encourages you to become defensive. This can lead to extending and fueling the conflict, preventing resolution. Most importantly, these feelings of dread and fear can cause your attention to be taken away from what is most important, which is your children.

With these many feelings and emotions taking a toll, it is important to take the time to realize what is really great in your life. Appreciate your children and all of the special moments you share with them. Taking the time to notice what makes you happy can help you to live in gratitude and manage stress. This switch in focus may help you balance your attention between the case and remaining present with your children on a daily basis. Children can comprehend more than you may realize.  They are aware if your attention is half-hearted.

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