Making Visitation Fun – Advice from a Beaverton Oregon Divorce Attorney

August 5th, 2015

The last blog post discussed the reasons why visitation should be a fun and comfortable experience for the children involved. This post will attempt to touch base on how to remain positive and respect your child’s individuality during these visitations.

Remaining upbeat and positive when you discuss the visit can help set the stage. Try not to let your issues overshadow your plans. Consider taking the time to learn about the plans taking place. Knowing a bit about some activities the children will be doing with the other parent may also be helpful in making the transition easier so you can talk about them together beforehand.

These visitations can be made easier if you choose to respect their individuality. If your five-year-old decides to wear mismatched clothes, or their favorite shoes, celebrating these creative choices can help make the situation comforting for them. It may not be best to force your preferences on them or create unnecessary power struggles. The major goal is to help them feel valued, cared for, comfortable, and welcome.

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