More Glossary Terms Relating to Divorce and Family Law

November 11th, 2016

Divorce lawyers in Beaverton Oregon practically speak a different language. That’s because there are an abundance of glossary terms relating to divorce and child custody.

hand holding wooden gavelBelow, we define five important legal terms. Knowing these terms may help you better understand family law matters.

Default: An order of default means that a party may no longer contest the petition.

Order to Show Cause: Sets a court hearing date for temporary matters. Either party can file an order to show cause, and hearing dates are usually set 10 to 60 days out.

Parenting Class: In many counties, including Multnomah, Clackamas, and Washington, every parent in a case involving a child must attend a parenting class.

Temporary Protective Order of Restraint: This order directs parents to stay at their current residence and maintain the current routines involving their child.

Respondent’s Answer: Filed by the respondent, the answer needs to be filed within 30 days. It’s common for the respondent to request, and be granted, an extension of time.

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