Oregon Residency Laws in Divorce Petitions

December 31st, 2014

If you currently are residing outside of Oregon you can still most likely file for divorce in Oregon.  If you have personal or financial connections with the state or are simply living outside of the state temporarily you can most likely begin your divorce proceedings here.  It is important to know that at least one of the partners must reside here, at least for the past six months.  When filing the petition, you must file in the county where your spouse is living.

Once the petition is filed, the divorce process is officially in play.  The person who starts the process is known as the petitioner and the other person is known as the respondent.  This process can be started whether spouses are living together or separate at the time.

If the respondent does not respond or cannot be found, certain judgments regarding the divorce can still be made.  That being said, the spouse must be served and be aware of the process before serious issues such as property rights, custody, or support can be enacted.  If the spouse does not appear despite being served, the case can be decided by default.  In this scenario a judge will sign documents and make a decision.  The Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage then binds both sides.

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