Our Beaverton Divorce Attorney Describes Choices That Are In Between A Nasty Trial And Collaborative Law

June 23rd, 2016

Ronald Johnston, Beaverton Divorce Attorney, provides us with divorce options that fall between a nasty divorce and amiable collaborative law.

legal scaleLitigation is not necessarily a bad word, and not every case is suitable for collaborative practice. An experienced attorney should be adept at analyzing legal matters and forecasting ranges of results.

There are all forms of dispute resolution, including negotiation, mediation, arbitration, judicial settlement conferences, face-to-face settlement conferences, and even settlements on the “court house steps.” Although some cases simply need to be tried aggressively due to the actions or positions of the other party, almost all cases can be settled.

By identifying these impediments to settlement such as unrealistic expectations, insecurity, fear and/or spousal anger, your attorney should be skilled and adept in channeling client matters into the forum best suited to obtaining a favorable resolution without a nasty court fight.

Ronald Johnston has the respect of and professional collegiality with many family law lawyers in the area, which allows him to make deals to handle discovery and other litigation tasks faster, ultimately saving you money.

If the collaborative law model is not right for you, contact Beaverton Divorce Attorney Ronald Johnston here.

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