Our Beaverton OR Divorce Lawyer Can Help You Receive Spousal Support

June 8th, 2016

Trouble receiving spousal support in Beaverton Oregon?
hundreds of dollarsWhen individuals choose to forgo their court-ordered obligations to pay spousal support, Beaverton divorce lawyer Ronald Allen Johnston can help you recover the spousal support you’ve lost due to this serious and unacceptable offense.

Similar to failing to pay child support, negligent payors may be found in contempt of court if they neglect to uphold spousal support orders. However, this enforcement can often be difficult to recover without the guidance and dedication our experienced Portland divorce lawyer can provide you.

Ronald Allen Johnston Can Help

There are several ways Ronald Johnston can work with the court in order to legally hold the refusing party responsible, as well as force the individual to pay spousal support or other obligations under the divorce decree. These actions include:

  • Civil Contempt of Court – This is the most common way of enforcing any order of court. The person who is owed support will demonstrate to the court that the ex-spouse is not fulfilling his or her obligations under the support decree. The other party will have a chance to respond. If the court agrees the non-payment is willful, the judge may order payment, fines and more to ensure the order is followed.
  • Wage Garnishment – This can be served upon an employer, and the funds can be directly taken out of the person’s paycheck.

If you need help with receiving spousal support please contact Beaverton OR Divorce Lawyer Ronald Allen Johnston here.

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