Our Hillsboro OR Family Law Attorney Discusses the Positive Side of Divorce

June 2nd, 2016

Divorce in Hillsboro Oregon is not an easy or fun process to go through; however, there are many positive outcomes that you can focus on to help get you through the tough times.

  • Happy GolferYou will be proud of the fact that you survived! You won’t know your own strength until it has been tested, and getting to the other side of your divorce will serve as a reminder of just how tough you are. Be proud.
  • You are in control- During and after divorce, you will be able to express your wants and desires. If you were in a relationship where your point of view was stifled, this can be especially liberating!
  • You get to choose who you surround yourself with- Once you divorce, you’ll get a chance to rebuild your life, full of people who make you happy.

  • You can practice self-care- Trips to the salon and gof every weekend can happen on your terms, without feeling guilty.

  • You can plan your own future- If life wasn’t going the direction you wanted with your spouse, now you’ll have the freedom to create a new plan. Take a cruise, sign up for Spanish classes, or buy a home in the neighborhood you’ve always loved.

Contact Hillsboro Family Law Attorney Ronald Johnston here for help navigating your way to a new phase in your life.

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