Pets And Divorce: Part Two- How to Prove Ownership

June 29th, 2016

In this three-part series about pets and divorce, we’ll look at how Oregon law views pets, tips to help maintain custody of your animals, and questions to ask yourself before telling your Portland OR divorce attorney to seek custody.

In part one of our three-part series on pets and divorce, we learned that Oregon law views pets as property.

Now, in part two, we’re going to learn ways to prove to a divorce court that you actually own Fido and Fluffy.

boy and dogKeep all records concerning your pets.  To show the court that your animals belong to you, make sure you bring along adoption papers, veterinary bills, and any receipts relating to the care of your pets.

Have your pets microchipped and licensed.  These are the best ways to prove ownership.  Make sure to keep your pets’ licenses up-to-date and that the microchip service has your current address.

Collect photographs of you and your pets.  Those silly selfies of you and your dog at the beach can actually be put to good use.  They will help prove ownership.

In the final part of our series about pets and divorce we’ll list questions to ask yourself before seeking custody of your animals.

If you wish to learn more about pets and divorce in Portland OR contact attorney Ronald Johnston Family Law here.

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