Planning your Spring Break Vacation

March 11th, 2015

It’s that time of year again; children will have a week off of school for spring break. This is a time where many families begin to plan vacations. This can be difficult for divorced families. These blended families may include stepparents and new siblings, each side of the family may have different ideas of how breaks from school should be handled. When beginning the planning process for a family vacation, you may want to use some of these important tips so you don’t step on anyone’s toes.

Plan ahead: Since each parent often has an allotted chunk of vacation time with the child, it is very important to coordinate plans to ensure that the dates are clear. If both parents book a vacation during the same time, it can get messy. If you and your Ex are not in constant communication, you can put your request in writing and allow a certain number of days for them to respond.

Be sensitive to important events: In the visitation world a vacation may take precedence, but it is also important to consider events that could cause a problem. For example, if the mother schedules a family vacation over Father’s Day it could cause sadness to both the child and the father. It you can work together to coordinate the best possible dates, everyone can be happy in the process.

Arrange for contact: Even when you are on vacation, it is important for young children to still have contact with their parent. Whether this contact comes in the form of phone conversations or Skype, it can help everyone to stay in touch. This can be especially beneficial for a parent who is resistant to their child going away on a vacation without them. This can help them feel at ease about the situation and increase the probability of it being accepted in the future.

A vacation is supposed to be a fun time for everyone, and if handled in the right way blended families can easily find a fair and acceptable way to make it work.

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