Portland Divorce Attorney Discusses Helping Your Kids Cope by Example

October 3rd, 2014

After divorce, people often ask themselves and others- “How can I help my kids cope with the effects of divorce?”

A positive answer to that question can be- “by example.”

Depending on the age of your children, you can openly discuss how your life is different now, and the positivity that is coming from that.  But more than just discussing it, you should show it.

Involve your children in the things that bring you joy, and let them see you finding joy in your activities.

If you like to play music, invite them to listen to you, or to play with you.  If you enjoy cooking, invite them to assist you, or simply taste what you prepare and provide their opinion.

It is important to keep from putting the weight of your pain or loneliness on your children.  Those are adult issues and are usually best kept between you and your support circle as opposed to your children.

Work on these issues that you’re experiencing on your own time, and exert effort in showing them how to live and forgive with compassion.

Being a good example for your kids after divorce does take work, but it is possible, and is definitely worth your time and effort.

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